Cap slip ring Suitable for micro installation space
Cap slip ring
Through-hole slip ring Suitable for central shaft installation
Through-hole slip ring
Special customization Suitable for special requirements and design
Special customization
Electric-hydraulic sliding ring Suitable for mixed transmission of electricity, gas and liquid
Electric-hydraulic sliding ring
Jinnan Kineng's technical R&D team has a conductive slip ring design、
More than ten years of experience
About us Shenzhen Jinnan Kinengeng Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of conductive slip rings. It is one of the few professional conductive slip ring manufacturers in the world that can independently develop, test, produce and sell. The company's technical team has a custom slip ring. Rich R&D experience, and the leading production and testing equipment of the slip ring industry, to ensure the technical parameters of the products, we have been providing customers with high quality, high performance, cost-effective slip ring products and solutions. The industry has been widely used, especially for industrial products and military products, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

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