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Causes and Solutions of Fire and Smoke in Conductive Sliding Ring

Administrator: Date:2019-02-19

           The conductive sliding ring is an electrical component responsible for connecting and transmitting energy and signals for the rotator with 360 degree rotation. As the core component of mechanical equipment, it has received great attention, and its performance indicators can meet the application of most high and middle-end equipment. But in the actual use process, there will still be problems such as fault or signal distortion.

Conductive rings smoke, which is the cause of burning down. The following two reasons are easy to burn down conductive sliding rings.:

            1,Slide ring overload burning: current overload, conductive ring can not withstand this current, burning in the interior. The maximum allowable current of the sliding ring is determined by the cross-sectional area of the conducting ring, the contact area of the brush, the pressure between the brush and the contact surface, and the rotational speed. Beyond this value, the conductive slip ring may heat slightly, lightly, lightly, lightly on the contact surface, and even form a welding point between the brush and the conductive ring.


           2,Short circuit of conductive ring, when the slip ring is used for a period of time, the short circuit phenomenon may be that the life of the slip ring has arrived and the wire brushes are worn. Generally, if a short circuit appears in the new slip ring, it is caused by the problem of the insulation material inside the slip ring or the direct short circuit between the wire brushes and the wire brushes and the broken skin of the wire. In this case, the conductive ring is out of the factory because of the mistake of inspection, which results in the short circuit burning of the slip ring.


       How to solve the problem of smoking?

      Conductive ring smoked and lighted, should immediately cut off the power supply, stop working. Remove the conductive ring and repair it to the professional staff because it can't be repaired without internal parts.

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