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Application Standard of Sliding Ring in Single Crystal Furnace

Administrator: Date:2019-03-07

The single crystal furnace is a device for melting a polycrystalline material such as polycrystalline silicon by a graphite heater in a relatively inert gas atmosphere, and growing a monochromatic single crystal by a Czochralski method. There are two types of single crystal furnace models, one is the amount of feed and the other is the diameter of the furnace chamber. For example, the 85 furnace refers to the diameter of the main furnace, and the models such as 120 and 150 are determined by the amount of charge. The composition of the single crystal furnace mainly includes:

Lifting head: mainly consists of the installation disk reducer seed crystal cavity scribe ring motor magnetic fluid seed crystal weighing head soft bellows, conductive slip ring and other components

Sub-chamber: mainly sub-chamber and upper and lower flanges

Furnace cover: sub-chamber connection flange, flap valve, observation window vacuum tube

Furnace: including light taking hole

Lower furnace: including vacuum piping

Base frame: mainly all cast iron frame and base

Underarm transmission: mainly composed of magnetic fluid motor 坩埚 support shaft reducer soft corrugated pipe column up and down drive support frame guide and other components

The water separator is already a waterway arrangement: including a water separator, a water inlet pipe, a plurality of hose water pipe ferrules, etc.

Argon gas pipeline arrangement: more than 3 flexible pipe stainless steel pipes, 3 pressure detectors, high sealing ferrules, etc.

Vacuum pump and vacuum dust removal device: hydraulic vacuum pump water ring vacuum pump filter vacuum pipe hard corrugated pipe, etc.

Power supply and electric control cabinet: power cabinet filter cabinet control cabinet and connecting line.

Conductive slip rings are also an important part of the single crystal furnace and play a very important role. The conductive slip ring is used for the signal transmission and power supply of the lifting head to transmit current and signal through 360° rotation. Therefore, once the conductive slip ring fails, the lifting head signal cannot be transmitted normally, which will cause the single crystal furnace to fail to operate normally.

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