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Shenzhen JNDN Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of conductive sliding rings. It is one of the few professional manufacturers of conductive sliding rings that can independently develop, test, produce and sell. The technical team of Shenzhen Jinnan Kinetic Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience in research and development of customized sliding rings and has leading production and testing equipment in the sliding ring industry to ensure the technical parameters of products. Has been providing customers with high quality, high performance, cost-effective slip ring products and solutions, its products have been widely used in various industries, especially for industrial products and military products, can be customized according to customer requirements.

JNDN Committed to providing high quality sliding rings in the industry. We may not be the low-priced sliding ring in the market, nor do we hope so. We use available high quality materials, we never cut corners, our factory is constantly developing and managing with advanced CNC machining centers to continuously improve our manufacturing process, so as to ensure that orders are completed within a shorter delivery time and expand our production capacity. We will continue to improve the existing technology to improve the technical specifications of the sliding ring, and continue to look for new or improved materials for use in our products. Jinnan Dynamics attaches great importance to the use effect of customers, and continues to strive to provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction.

JNDN,We put our customers first. We provide high quality products, competitive prices, first-class technical support, and short delivery advantages to serve customers.

JNDN Precision conductive sliding ring products are widely used in wind power generation, security, factory automation, power, finance, instrumentation, chemical industry, metallurgy, medical, aviation, aerospace, ships, transportation, construction machinery and other mechanical and electrical equipment. Now we have developed long-term and extensive cooperation with many famous domestic manufacturers, research institutes and universities.

JNDN With years of development and manufacturing experience, we can not only provide general sliding rings, but also customize special specifications of sliding rings according to customer needs, from micro sliding rings to large-caliber sliding rings, from single channel to 200 channels, from milliampere to 300 amperes, from millivolt to 8000 volts, from 10 to 15000, from IP54 to IP68 (sliding ring protection level), from single type sliding rings to multi-type combination. Type sliding ring (electric, gas, hydraulic foot/photoelectric combination, etc.) and other special requirements, we can fully meet the needs of customers.

The company's technology R&D team has more than ten years of experience in the design, production and manufacturing of conductive sliding rings. In the years of technology R&D, we can quickly and effectively design simple and reasonable technical solutions for customers and achieve project-specific. In addition, the company library also has more than tens of thousands of different industries, different requirements of the program cases!

The company's technology R&D team has a conductive sliding ring design

JNDN The only business is sliding rings. We focus on doing one thing, focusing on every detail of the slip ring production process.

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