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In the aerospace attitude controller, the precision conductive slip ring is a precision power transmission device that realizes the transmission of power and control signals between two relative rotating mechanisms. With the rapid development of space applications such as satellites, space manned vehicles and space stations, the conductive slip ring is the key component of the common actuators of the spacecraft attitude control system, which determines the control accuracy, reliability and life of the attitude control system. Due to the particularity of the space application environment, the conductive slip ring must be stable and reliable for a long time.
A geosynchronous satellite that covers one-third of the Earth's surface provides direct communication for two ground stations that are 19,000 kilometers apart. If three simultaneous satellites are equally spaced over the equator, global communication can be achieved.
First, the transmission quality is high
       Because the satellite communication mountain can't stop, the sea can't be separated, the wind and rain are unimpeded, staying up all night, not affected by geo-weather conditions and communication distance. Therefore, information transmission is stable and reliable.
Second, the communication capacity is large
       The working band of satellite communication is microwave, the wavelength is between 1 meter and 1 millimeter, the frequency is 300 MHz to 300 GHz, and the available frequency band is wide, so there are many channels of communication. At present, a communication satellite can transmit 10,000 voice channels, plus a number of road televisions, and can also transmit high-resolution images and other data.
Third, good maneuverability
       Satellite communications can provide long-distance aerospace slip ring technology communication between large ground stations, as well as small mobile terminal stations for airborne, shipboard and ground forces. In this way, the communication terminal can be established anytime and anywhere, which provides conditions for quickly establishing a communication line in a wartime emergency. This kind of emergency communication capability is extremely important in the military.
Fourth, strong survivability
       In general, geosynchronous satellites are not vulnerable to nuclear explosion damage and other means of attack. It is because of these advantages that military communications satellites have gained wide application. It is a satellite dedicated to observations of weather changes in the Earth and the atmosphere. It is equivalent to an unmanned high air elephant station. It is global, prior and accurate compared to previous ground observation methods. The universal test interface signal connection adapter can solve the complex requirements of test information, resources and guarantees in the development process of various weapon equipments, solve a large number of interface design work in the development process of test systems, and smoothly upgrade or strengthen the test system for various equipment development. The basis for the exchange and transplantation of the military service test suites.
       Many governments in the world have put the development of aerospace slip ring technology into the strategic height of national development, and have successively formulated their own development strategies and major projects for aerospace slip ring technology. Through the implementation of these major projects, the international space slip ring has been promoted. Rapid development of technology.

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