Support arm lamp

Surgical lighting systems are an integral part of the operating room and are often used to document the surgical procedure. We focus on delivering video through a support arm light slip ring solution

Application details
Today, surgery is mostly taken for archival purposes, training or accurate analysis. HD cameras are usually installed in surgical lighting systems to record images from ideal locations.

The support arm light must be able to rotate and move in any direction. Slip ring technology is required to ensure power supply between moving parts and lossless transmission of high-resolution video signals. The challenge here is how to properly select the slip ring contact technology, combined with cables and connectors for video and data transmission. Jinnan's mission is to transmit high-definition HD-SDI video recordings with 3 Gbit/s of data without interference. The slip rings must be pluggable and rugged, and it is possible to mount them to the support arm.


In a support arm system, there is usually not enough installation space. The F7-12 swivel connector slip ring from JNDN is best suited for this application. By modifying the plastic body, the high-frequency HF path is integrated into the center of the rotary connector slip ring, and the spring contact strip can not be detached, and then the slip ring is connected with a 75 ohm coaxial cable, all of which have a slender The plastic case prevents metal contact. Also because the contacts are rotatable, they are fixed to prevent accidental loosening. In general, a harness consists of three slip rings, approximately 5 meters in length, including a plug for connection to the camera, a plug for connection to the ceiling supply unit, and (depending on the design) a miniature coaxial connection Used to disconnect the power cord inside the spring arm.

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