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Shenzhen Jinnan Kineng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with high-quality services. Based on the service tenet of “customer first, excellence”, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is our consistent goal. Jinnan Kineng Technology has a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who provide services 24 hours a day. Professional customer service staff and comprehensive spare parts inventory will respond quickly to your service needs, minimizing losses caused by sudden factors to solve customer worries.

Warranty service
    Jinnan Kinergy Technology implements a one-year free warranty on the slip ring products provided (in natural days), and the warranty time begins when the customer receives the goods. Slip ring equipment is damaged during the warranty period due to non-human or non-resistance to natural forces, and is responsible for free maintenance during the warranty period. After the warranty period, provide lifetime maintenance of the product cost price.
Return to factory repair service
    Return to the factory repair service means that you can send the faulty equipment to the repair center of Jinnan Kinergy Technology for repair in the fastest way. Our company has sufficient spare parts and maintenance technology to provide customers with the most timely and effective service for slip ring products, ensuring long-term, reliable and stable operation of conductive slip rings.
Fast response service
    During the free warranty period, if the slip ring fails, Shenzhen Jinnan Kinengeng Technology Co., Ltd. will respond to the user's request within 24 hours, and provide the fault diagnosis, spare parts replacement, electrical inspection, etc. in the shortest time; Replacement of parts in time for repair or replacement. Value-added services
    In addition to standard services, we provide you with a variety of tailor-made services, such as product plans, materials used in product parts... will be permanently stored in the company library, and you can quickly order the same required slip ring next time. Production, saving you valuable time and improving efficiency.

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