About us
Become the world's leading supplier of slip ring equipment

Focus on the slip ring field and provide competitive slip ring equipment and services to continuously create maximum value for customers.

Core values
Customer achievement, sincerity and trustworthiness, excellence, teamwork, hard work, and continuous innovation are the beliefs rooted in our hearts and the spiritual principles we will always abide by.

Achievement customer
Serving customers is the only reason for the existence of Jinnan kinetic energy. We adhere to the customer-centric, quickly respond to customer needs, and continue to create long-term value for customers to achieve customers. Providing effective services to customers is a yardstick for the direction and value of our work.

Sincere and trustworthy
Credit is life, and credit is our most valuable asset. Only "honesty" can have "belief". The essence of honesty lies in responsibility. Whether we treat customers with sincerity or whether we are responsible to customers is our standard for evaluating integrity.

Keep improving
Quality is our self-respect, excellence, casting quality, pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.

Working together, the profit is broken. We do not advocate individual heroism. Only by collective wisdom, concerted efforts, and collective cooperation can we provide the best service to our customers.

Continuous innovation
Innovation is the soul of product progress, innovation is the inexhaustible motive force for product improvement, and innovation is the source of products forever. Customer demand is the source of our innovation. We adhere to customer demand orientation and continue to innovate around customer needs.

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