Armed equipment

A collective term for weapons, weapons systems and military technical equipment used by the armed forces to implement and guarantee combat operations. Usually divided into combat equipment and support equipment. Combat equipment refers to the technical means of directly killing the enemy's vital forces and destroying various enemy facilities in military operations. It includes: cold weapons (see ancient Chinese weapons), firearms, artillery, rockets, missiles, ammunition, explosive equipment, tanks and other armored combat vehicles, combat aircraft, combat ships, torpedoes, mines, etc. Large-scale weapons of mass destruction, such as biological weapons, chemical weapons, and nuclear weapons, which emerged in the 20th century, are a special type of combat equipment. The support equipment is the military technical equipment necessary for the effective use of combat equipment. It includes: communication command equipment, reconnaissance detector materials, radar, sonar, electronic countermeasure equipment, intelligence processing equipment, military electronic computers, field engineering machinery, river crossing equipment, three defense (anti-atomic, anti-chemical, anti-biological weapons) equipment, Auxiliary aircraft, service ships, military surveying and mapping equipment, meteorological support equipment, military vehicles and camouflage equipment.
Conductive slip rings belong to the application field of electrical connection. They are also called collector rings, or rotary joints, rotary electrical interfaces, collector rings and collector rings. They are the key components of various precision rotary connections.

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