Radar antenna

The slip ring is a very critical component of the radar antenna, which allows a continuous connection of electrical energy and signals between the rotating part of the radar and the fixed part. The specific use and structure of the radar are different, but the basic forms are consistent, including: transmitter, transmitting antenna, receiver, receiving antenna, processing part and display. There are also auxiliary equipment such as power supply equipment, data acquisition equipment, and anti-jamming equipment. According to the classification of radar signals, there are pulse radar, continuous wave radar, pulse compression radar and frequency agile radar. The selection of different radar slip rings is also different, so please fill in the relevant parameters in the selection, we will design the project for you
        Slip rings, also known as rotating electrical interfaces, electrical rotating joints, can be used in any system that requires unrestricted continuous rotation to transmit power and data signals from a fixed structure to a rotating structure.
        A device for transmitting electrical signals and electrical energy between a rotating member of a antenna mount and a stationary member by sliding or rolling contact, electrostatic coupling or electromagnetic coupling of the conductive member. There are drive elements, measuring elements and control elements on the rotating parts, which must be supplied with control signals and power from the machine room. This requires a variety of slip ring assemblies to transmit signals and energy. Some radars need to rotate more than one hundred lines. The slip ring assembly can be classified according to the frequency of the transmission signal: a low frequency slip ring, an intermediate frequency slip ring and a high frequency rotating hinge. Slip rings are usually only referred to as the first two. The electrical performance specifications of the slip ring assembly are: insulation resistance, contact resistance, dielectric strength and crosstalk. For the IF slip ring, shielding, impedance matching, noise voltage, etc. should be considered because of the higher frequency. In the structural design, it is first necessary to ensure reliable contact and ensure that all lines are continuously connected. Therefore, the material used for the brush is required to have good electrical conductivity, the pressure of the slip ring is appropriate, the eccentricity and sway amount of the slip ring is small, the wear resistance is good, the friction torque is small, and maintenance is convenient.

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