Milling machine

In order to shape the edge of the board with a milling machine, JNDN developed a slip ring for transmitting signals, electricity and compressed air to control the rotating cutter head.

Application details
In the production of furniture, wooden boards are usually machined with rounded milling machines. The operation of the milling head is to supply and transmit control data via the slip ring.

Because the customer wants to speed up the processing of the milling machine, the requirements for the slip ring speed are also increased. In addition, the limited space in the milling machine requires redesigning the slip ring, including the use of a plug on one side of the stator to save space. Also due to the limited space, the slip ring rotor and stator are rigidly mounted in the milling machine. In the unfavorable case, in order to prevent premature failure of the slip ring, the mechanical interface of the slip ring must be very precise.


Inside the milling machine, the mounting space of the slip ring is small. As power and signal paths increase, installation becomes more difficult - because the length of the slip ring increases because of the number of channels. In addition, compressed air is required to blow away the abrasive dust. Compressed air is fed from the stationary pipe to the rotating side through the swivel joint, and the slip ring is completely obscured and invisible.

Finally, through the clever radial side-by-side arrangement of the plugs on the surface of the casing, the available space is fully utilized, and in order to solve the problem of too small space, a new mechanical interface has been developed with the customer, which can eliminate the need to disassemble the high-pressure air rotary joint. It is convenient to install the slip ring. Finally, by using wire contact technology, the slip ring can be contacted by multiple contacts even in higher speed environments, ensuring a better connection.

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