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Description of the problem:
Use two, three or four leaf revolving doors depending on the type of building and its use. The three- and four-leaf revolving doors must have an appropriate escape mechanism, and the additional suspended two-wing revolving doors require angular monitoring to prevent lock-up. When the rotary advertising display is integrated in the revolving door, more requirements are placed on the slip ring, sensor and resolver: the load current for the illumination and the drive current required to drive the motor, for integrating the signal current of the safety device The bus signals of the video signal control unit for the advertising screen must be reliably transmitted in both directions. Simultaneous door position feedback must provide an incremental position signal. Above these technical requirements, revolving doors are often used as architectural design elements with special shapes, and the corresponding styling requirements may mean that the space above the door is very limited - this means that all equipment must be integrated into an extremely narrow space. .
For many years, Jinnan has been providing integrated slip ring and rotary encoder solutions for various access control systems. We offer a product portfolio for very small spaces.
For example, the C24 slip ring is used for advertising displays, lighting and drive motor power, in combination with SDI, for transmitting safety system buses and possible video signals, and for hollow shaft incremental encoder feedback position signals.
In the second solution, the airport revolving door uses a 40mm hollow shaft encoder and a slip ring is mounted in the center of the revolving door system to transmit signals.
The third solution, JNDN, provides a solution for revolving door systems: with limited installation space and a total height of only 42 mm, the design integrates six 230V load paths and 26 signal paths and rotary encoders. .

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