Supporting Wall Lamp-Spring Arm

(Biological) medical engineering brings benefits to patients through the application of medical engineering principles. For example, we use spring arm slip rings for surgical lighting.

Application details
The spring arm is the suspension of the surgical light and is mounted between the cantilever and the universal joint. It is rotatable and can be adjusted up and down to locate the height and position of the surgical light. As with all components of surgical lighting, the size of the spring arms is determined by the load capacity. Slim design while ensuring high load capacity. Although the diameter is small, the slip ring must achieve a high electrical power density. Specifically, the three load slides and the six signal slides must be integrated in a small space. In addition, the slip ring should be mechanically and electrically pluggable at the interface to the boom and universal joint for easy customer installation. At the same time, it should be durable.


Jinnan's slip ring rotary plug can solve the above problems. The socket is usually mounted in a spring arm that is mounted in a cantilever or universal joint. The slip ring speed is limited to 20 rpm. The spring arm joint has a construction space of approximately 100 mm and a diameter of only 30 mm. In order for the contacts to be reliably engaged and rotated, the slip ring takes the insertion contact and is pressed by a radial spring. Gold-plated stamped curved contacts are used for power supply. The signal section is combined with a hard gold plated brass ring and a radial gold plated spring. At 48V DC, the rotary plug can carry up to 15A; the signal loop can reach up to 2A at 48 V DC. Control and video technology is easily transmitted over small-sized signal loops. CAN bus and SD video are two commonly used signal formats. If the plug and socket are installed in a predetermined position, other mechanical components as well as electrical connections can be combined by blind mounting.

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