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Problem Description:
Many foods are usually packaged in colorful films. A fairly wide wavy sealing seam can often be found at the top and bottom of the package. The side sealer is a reliable device for quickly sealing or sealing such packaging films.
The printed wrap film roll needs to be unfolded first and folded on the goods to be packaged using suitable mechanical means, stretched on the side of the film and under the product, continuously superimposed on the bottom surface, and then the superimposed film edges and heat The rolls are fused together to seal or close. The temperature control of the heated rolls is very important for the quality of the seam seal.
For many years, JNDN has provided slip ring solutions for packaging machinery, including manufacturers of side sealers, and has accumulated considerable technology in the packaging industry.
The heating roller of the side sealing device is heated by the heating element. The thermal resistance measures a continuously varying temperature signal and transmits the signal to a temperature controller for adjusting the temperature of the heated roller. The slip ring provides power to the heating roller and reliably transmits the temperature signal measured by the temperature sensor.
In order to increase the packaging speed, the belt will rotate at high speed, which also requires the slip ring to work stably at high speed and correctly transmit the heating current and the measured temperature signal.
Our customers value the high reliability, long life and convenient maintenance of the Jinnan slip ring solution.

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