Medical equipment

        Medical equipment is an important symbol of the degree of modernization. Conductive sliding rings are the most basic elements of medical, scientific research, teaching and research work. They are also the basic conditions for continuously improving the level of medical science and technology. Broad-sense medical equipment includes medical equipment, household medical equipment, and professional medical equipment does not include household medical equipment. At present, the development of clinical science depends to a great extent on the development of instruments, and even plays a decisive role. Therefore, medical equipment has become an important field of modern medicine.

Many medical devices need to rotate while transmitting power and signals, such as CT, shadowless lamps, operating tables, etc... Surgical shadowless lamps, CT machines, MRI, etc. are all very important instruments in medical devices. As we all know, the surgical shadowless lamp is definitely not fixed. Nowadays, most of them are arm-type, and there is no limitless free rotation of the surgical shadowless lamp. Because it needs 360° free rotation and needs to be energized, this will inevitably require a 360° unlimited rotation to match his operation. This accessory is the “conductive slip ring” that we all know. The use of conductive slip rings in certain medical devices is a top priority and plays a very important role and is essential. At the same time, the requirements for the slip ring of medical equipment are also very strict, because in the early days many famous medical equipment manufacturers in China used imported conductive slip rings. Now with the continuous improvement of the domestic conductive slip ring technology level, people's resistance to domestic slip rings is getting higher and higher, so the application of imported conductive slip rings on medical equipment is also replaced by domestic conductive slip rings.
       The conductive ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires continuous rotation while transmitting power and signals from a fixed position to a rotating position. There are many structural systems in the medical device that need to rotate while transmitting power and signals. The conductive slip ring is It is indispensable, especially in CT systems, which need to reliably transmit high-power current, communication signals and high-speed image digital signals, which requires high complexity and difficulty in the technology of conductive slip rings.
       Medical requirements for slip rings: high current, speed, shape, space, etc.

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